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About us

HandyCap® hats are made to be the most comfortable hat you've ever worn. Here is a message from the creator:

Like many people, when I’m outside, I am usually wearing a hat of some kind. It’s almost like a child’s security blanket. I just don’t leave home without it. Until now however, I have been limited as to how long I can actually wear a cap in any given day due to the pressure of the hard brim on the corners of my forehead. After a few hours the brim begins to dig into my scalp leaving the skin irritated and sometimes even bruised.

In an effort to find a permanent solution for a more comfortable cap, I had a soft brimmed cap made to meet my specifications. After a little tweaking of the material and firmness of the brim, I came up with the perfect fit and comfort that I was looking for in a cap. With this soft brim cap design, I no longer feel the cutting pressure on the corners of my forehead. It feels more like I am wearing a cushioned headband rather than a cap.

I soon realized that I had created the perfect cap. It feels incredibly comfortable to wear all day long, it is washable and durable, and best of all, it can easily be folded up and put in my back pocket without losing its shape when I put it back on. It is truly a “handy cap.” Now you too can share in the pleasure of wearing a hat that feels great all day long!